HPAI Update – Poultry Shows

Folks, this is a quick update courtesy of Dr. Sue Gale. In case you are an avid poultry fancier, please be aware that several states have implemented bans of varying degrees on poultry shows.

MN, IA, ND, SD, NY, WV, PA and IN have banned all poultry from all state and county fairs through 2015.  Many have also banned poultry from swap meets, flea markets and sales barns.

Also please note the following:

  • OH: has declared that poultry from states affected with HPAI are excluded from county and state fairs.
  • MD: all poultry must be negative on an AI test within 10 days of entering a fair; all waterfowl are banned from fairs this year.
  • MT: recommends that domestic waterfowl skip the show season this year.