Western Blend horse feed, 50 lb. bags, lot 5251 recalled for toxic ingredient

If you buy Western Blend horse feed in 50 lb. bags (manufactured by Western Milling), check the label.  If the lot number is 5251, do not feed it to your horses.  This feed has been recalled because it may contain a feed additive, Monensin, that is intended for cattle but toxic to horses.

Signs of poisoning in horses from this feed additive can range from poor appetite and refusal to eat the grain product, to weakness, depression, wobbly gait, or sudden death.

The feed subject to this recall was distributed in September 2015 to stores in California and Arizona.  Of the 1100 bags under recall, all but 67 have been reclaimed by the company.

Click the link below to read the full recall notice from the FDA.

Western Milling recall notice