Busy Times

Not only am I about to run out of another week without getting something posted, I’m about to run out of another month. 🙁

Yes these are busy times.

The Fires – I won’t dwell on them. We all know there have been some awful things happen. But like I’ve often told my kids, Life isn’t fair. But it presents you with opportunities. You decide what to do with them. Some folks have shown how good they can be with this opportunity. My sincerest thanks to them. Also my thanks to members of SART (State Animal Response Team), ADS (Animal Disaster Services), AZ Humane, along with many other organizations and all the various folks who helped move, shelter, and care for animals large and small, especially Drs. Lytle and Skinner.

I’d also like to thank Kaye Dickson and her folks at Pinal Animal Care and Control for being so well-tuned and ready. They did a great job as well responding to the Shipman Fire near Kearny.

Mosquitoes – and the nasty things they bring. Like West Nile Virus, Western Encephalitis and several others. Nasty to horses and humans alike. Keeping up with where the various viruses in the mosquito and alerting the public as well as dealing with the skeeters takes a lot of time and a lot of folks. Thanks to all you public health and environmental control folks out there.

Along this line, one of the areas we’ve been able to expand a bit is helping with diagnosing some neurological diseases. Since many of these are viral in origin, affecting animals as well as humans, we’ve been able to secure some funding to help cover some testing costs. I’d greatly appreciate my practitioner colleagues keeping this in mind when presented with the next neuro case.

Then there are the rabies submissions. Fortunately what looked like the beginning of an epidemic in the mountains a couple of months back seems to have subsided. The samples and the concerns though are still beating steady, those do include a few horses and from time to time a cow or 2.

Diagnostics and testing means laboratories. I just received the latest newsletter from the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab in Tucson. It looks like they have several good bits of info about recent cases in small and large animals. There’s also a good, short review of the work they been doing to improve quality and maintain accreditation.

Much more to come. But for another time. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.